Do you dread the thought of a


Available in paperback and fillable PDF

The BACB has strict requirements for certification. Do you have everything you need documented in case of an audit?

Accurately tracking your supervision sessions and documenting everything required by the BACB is central to obtaining and maintaining your certification. This tracker makes it easy for you to document supervised versus unsupervised hours for both restricted and unrestricted activities.

Why Do I Need This Tracker?

Whether you’re providing supervision to BCBA candidates, or going through the certification process yourself, understanding and complying with the BACB requirements is essential.

Yet understanding their requirements, and what they require to have documented for certification is confusing even for seasoned professionals.

But luckily for you, there’s now a solution to your fears. Introducing the RISE Supervision Tracker which provides you:

  • Information to get supervision off on the right foot
  • Unique documentation system to track experience as it’s required by the BACB
  • Assessments to track progress learning critical skills
  • Monthly summaries to make completing BACB forms simple

This tracker follows the RISE Supervision Curriculum and allows you to quickly check off topics that have been covered in each session. Self-assessments allow you to track when topics are introduced and progress toward mastery.

Monthly review sheets allow you to tabulate the number of hours for each month, and also provide space to review what you’ve learned and set goals for the following month.

Also included is information to get supervision started off on the right foot.

Never fear an audit by the BACB when everything is so thoroughly documented!