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Provide support and advocacy for autistic individuals through education and empowerment of ABA professionals.


Members receive access to online courses, actionable game plans to solve common problems, a library of resources BCBAs need every day, as well as the support so often missing in the field!

ACHIEVE Parent Training Curriculum

How can BCBAs get parents who are stressed and overwhelmed to engage in training?

Based on research and 30+ years of experience working with families, I have finally discovered the answer to this question. This curriculum not only provides the information your families need during parent training, but it also gives you the tools you need to get them to engage in learning.

Included you will find 2 lessons specifically for you as the BCBA to help forge a collaborative partnership with your parents and caregivers, along with the 3 secrets I’ve discovered that will make parent training more successful than ever. The remaining 29 lessons are written for parents and caregivers in clear language they can understand.

Each lesson contains goals, material covering the topic, an assignment and a quiz. The lessons are intended for you to review with families together. Assignments and quizzes can be copied, or you may purchase the companion workbook to save the hassle of making copies.

Available in paperback and PDF.

RISE Supervision Curriculum

Available in paperback and PDF.

How can busy BCBAs be sure they’re covering everything needed when providing supervision?

Based on significant research on the topic of supervision and years of experience, I now have the answer to this question. This curriculum not only provides the resources your trainees need during supervision, but it also gives you the tools you need to get them to engage in learning.

Included you will find 4 lessons that will set supervision up for success, along with the 4 pillars I’ve discovered that will make supervision more successful than ever. The remaining 20 lessons encompass all the BACB required topics.

Each lesson contains goals, material covering the topic, assignments and a quiz to gauge learning.

Supervision and Consultation

How can we support you in your career?

Christi has been working in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA) since 2006 with clients across a variety of settings, ages and diagnoses. She was credentialed as a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA) in 2013, considering herself a dinosaur in the field. Christi spent about 10 years working in residential settings for both children with autism at the New England Center for Children and then troubled youth at Becket Family of Services. Following that was spent working in home, school and community settings through Granite State ABA Services. Christi established Passion for Behavior, LLC in 2023 with the mission of helping the field of ABA grow deeper as it continues to grow wider. Christi has a passion for behavior and leadership and is eager to share these passions with others.

Christi Wilson, MS, BCBA

CEU Courses

Included in each CEU course are additional resources, opportunities to submit assignments for feedback and more. Visit the course description to view the details.

Course instructor Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA:

Note: This course replaces the Partnership Language 5-Day Challenge.

Courses featuring Nicole Dionne, MA, LCMHC, BCBA:

Nicole Dionne is a Licensed Clinical Mental Health Counselor based in Greenland, NH, with over 19 years of experience in the mental health field. She emphasizes the importance of collaborative relationships and acknowledges the inherent strength within each individual who seeks her guidance. Dionne’s primary objective is to create a secure environment conducive to processing and overcoming life’s stressors.

Her services cater to individuals spanning from early childhood through adulthood. Dionne specializes in perinatal, prenatal, and infant mental health, focusing on early intervention. Additionally, she is proficient in working with a neurodiverse clientele, addressing conditions such as autism, ADHD, and various intellectual and neurodiverse presentations.

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Entrepreneurship Courses

We believe a key element to changing the field of ABA is to create freedom for BCBAs. When BCBAs have a source of income that doesn’t rely on billable hours and insurance companies, they are empowered to fight for what is right for their clients. This is why we’ve created The Balanced BCBA. While most of these courses are only available through The Balanced BCBA membership, the introductory course, which is a prerequisite for the membership is open to anyone. This course is offered periodically through cohorts so we can provide the attention students need as they go through the material. Click the image below to join the next cohort!

Course instructor Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA:

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This program is only available to students who have taken Your First Steps to Freedom. Visit The Balanced BCBA to learn more!

Other Courses

Course instructor Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA:

Courses Only Available through the Master ABA Dojo Membership

We believe in the value of community and the Master ABA Dojo provides the support ABA professionals need to truly be successful. For this reason, we have opted to make most of our courses only available through the membership. Come join our collection of ethically-minded, client-centered professionals and let’s do something amazing together.

Course instructor Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA:

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