Building a Collaborative Relationship with Parents and Caregivers


Despite an abundance of literature supporting the use of parent training and collaboration to improve outcomes and generalization from ABA programs, little research exists that looks at developing a collaborative relationship with parents involved in ABA programming. Perhaps this is due, in part, to a belief that BCBAs should generalize their skills of pairing with clients and providing supervision to staff to their relationship with parents.

Is It Imposter Syndrome...or Something Else?

Learning Modules

Collaboration with Caregivers

Incorporating ACT in Parent Coaching

Mission Accomplished

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Your mission

Answer the following questions:

  • How can you create a collaborative relationship?
  • How can you measure the success of parent training?
  • What is “caregiver preference?”
  • What is the ACT matrix?
  • How can ACT help with parent training?

Description of Event

While many skills you utilize with clients, staff and professionals outside the field of ABA support your ability to develop a collaborative relationship with parents, this relationship is distinctly different and requires a high degree of care. Taking the time to build this relationship improves parental “buy-in” which in turn leads to:

  • Better follow through with implementing interventions
  • Open conversations about barriers to following through
  • An exchange of information and ideas
  • Fewer canceled sessions
  • Reduced parental stress
  • Better client outcomes

Learn how to build this relationship!