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The BCBA Toolbox: Essential Skills and Resources for Effective Practice

Become the skilled, confident BCBA you were meant to be and make a profound impact on your clients!

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Instructor: Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA

Amelia Dalphonse, MA, BCBA, co-founded Master ABA with her twin sister, Dianna Kelly, bringing over 13 years of expertise in Applied Behavior Analysis (ABA). Passionate about prioritizing client needs, Amelia earned a Master’s degree in ABA and became a Board Certified Behavior Analyst (BCBA).

At Master ABA, Amelia and Dianna lead with innovation, emphasizing client-centered care to drive meaningful change. As an ACE provider, they’ve established the institution as a hub for progressive ABA practices, inspiring others to adopt compassionate and ethical approaches.

Through her role at Master ABA, Amelia advocates for advancing the ABA field with empathy and integrity. She stays abreast of the latest research, continuously seeking opportunities for professional growth.

Amelia’s leadership and dedication continue to shape the ABA community, empowering practitioners to prioritize client well-being. Together with her sister, she envisions a future where ethical values drive positive change in ABA practices.

What’s The BCBA Toolbox: Essential Skills and Resources for Effective Practice?

  • 26 expertly crafted lessons dripped every two weeks for optimal learning.
  • 8 valuable CEUs(3 available within the first month!)
  • Proven strategies to overcome doubt and boost your clinical confidence.
  • Essential resources and tools to streamline your practice.

This course isn’t just about knowledge; it’s about transformation.  Imagine yourself a year from now – a skilled, confident BCBA making a profound impact on your clients.

What’s included with The BCBA Toolbox: Essential Skills and Resources for Effective Practice?

The BCBA Toolbox combines our most popular courses and resources into one easy-to-access course! One lesson will be released to you every two weeks, in the order below, to help you pace your learning and reduce overwhelm.

Included in the BCBA Toolbox you’ll find:

Assessments, Planning and Intervention:

  • Conducting and Documenting an Initial Behavioral and Skills Assessment (1.5 CEUs)
  • BIPs for the Real World (1.5 CEUs)
  • Functions of Behavior
  • Behavioral Assessments
  • Operational Definitions
  • Understanding Common Interventions in ABA
  • Understanding Medical Necessity Criteria
  • Skills Assessment
  • Choosing Meaningful Skill Acquisition Goals
  • Writing Effective Treatment Plans
  • Preference and Reinforcer Assessments

Critical Skills for Effective BCBAs:

  • Is it Imposter Syndrome or Something Else?
  • Time Management
  • Becoming a Master Prioritizer
  • Enhancing Interactions: How to Use the ACT Matrix to Build a Partnership with Parents and Staff (2 CEUs)*
  • Cultural Competency
  • Ethical Awareness and Decision-Making
  • The Moral Tightrope: Why Good People Sometimes Choose the Wrong Path (1.5 Ethics CEUs)

*This course was formerly called The Partnership Language 5-Day Challenge

Parent Training:

  • Reducing Parent Stress through Effective Parent Training (1 CEU)
  • Creating Structure for ABA Parent Training


  • The Feedback Sandwich Is Not So Tasty (1 CEU)
  • Utilizing Behavioral Skills Training
  • Creating a Meaningful Supervision Experience

Planning and Intervention:

  • The Resilient BCBA: Mastering the Art of Bouncing Back when You Get Knocked Down (1 CEU)
  • Goals
  • Finding Your Purpose

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A $610 value!

Why is The BCBA Toolbox: Essential Skills and Resources for Effective Practice impotant?

I began my journey into the field of ABA by providing community-based services, years before I received my certification. I worked under a therapist who knew nothing about autism, but since I had no official training myself, I felt wholly unqualified to teach her anything.

My work felt difficult and exhausting. I spent all my non-work time taking care of my own kids or studying for my masters in ABA. 

Course by course I got closer to my goals, but I struggled with my BCBA supervisor.  Although he is a brilliant man with more than 20 years of experience in the field, we rarely shared the same perspective.  His methods were forceful and often punitive, but I was a student so who was I to tell him he was wrong?

Doubting my abilities and the questionable practices I was seeing; I constantly second-guessed my decision to pursue certification.  I was overwhelmed and the stress started to affect my time with my family because I was tired all the time. I lacked the role models and support I needed to be successful.

When I passed the BCBA exam, I explored several options. I found a position overseeing 2 clinics for children with autism as part of a much larger nonprofit organization. I went through 2 interviews, including one with a BCBA who was currently overseeing the program, and was excited when they offered me the job. They wanted me to do what BCBAs do, but they had no real sense of what that entailed, but since this was my first real role as a BCBA, neither did I.

None of the 26 clients had adequate behavior plans, parent training had not been documented, staff were not yet trained as RBTs and were unaccustomed to feedback, and no billing had been done using codes for a BCBA.  I was completely overwhelmed but also 100% committed to not failing these people who were trying so hard to do the right things for the children and families.

For the first 6 months this situation felt hopeless, but with perseverance, determination, and the willingness to keep failing until I got it right, I was able to help the program grow to over 100 children in just 2 1/2 years.

Until I achieved this success, I thought being a BCBA meant constant struggle – unrealistic demands, impossibly conflicting priorities, and an inability to truly help in the way I wanted. I had a lot left to learn, but I finally realized that I didn’t have to feel overwhelmed and defeated. I just needed a plan to make even bigger changes.

I’ve put all I learned into these 26 lessons and created this program so that you can become the skilled, confident you’ve always wanted to be. We release the information to you over the course of one year to keep you focused and prevent overwhelm.

A $610 value!

The Problem with Being a BCBA

You completed the coursework, sailed through your supervised fieldwork experience and have your certification. But the reality is grim:

  • Supervised fieldwork experience rarely covers all the areas you need to practice.
  • When you start out you have limited exposure to complex cases and limited client-specific expertise.
  • Training using theoretical scenarios insufficiently prepares you for the messiness of the real-world.

But that’s not the end of it—the problem’s actually worse than that!

  • You’re expected to provide supervision even when you might be struggling to figure out what’s best for your clients.
  • Your training didn’t include how to successfully collaborate with multiple stakeholders including professionals, schools, families and more.
  • And no one has ever explained the importance of self-advocacy and setting boundaries.

Taking a course here and there just adds to your confusion. That’s why I created this course.

A $610 value!

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I get access to all the lessons right away?

  • No, lessons are released every 2 weeks from the time you enroll. You will have access to the first CEU course (1.5 CEUs) right away.

Why can’t I get to all the lessons as soon as I sign up?

  • This course is designed to help BCBAs who are already feeling overwhelmed, focus on one step at a time. We present the training that is most often lacking early in the course to ensure important learning happens right from the start.

How is The BCBA Toolbox different from the Master ABA Dojo membership?

  • Most of the content in this course is available in the Dojo membership. The main differences are:
  1. The structure of the BCBA Toolbox is different than the Dojo. In the BCBA Toolbox, new content is available every 2 weeks in a strategic order to minimize overwhelm and to help build foundational skills before more advanced skills. In the membership, our members have more freedom to choose which content they want to access. This is better for some people, but may be overwhelming for others.
  2. The BCBA Toolbox is static. There won’t be new content added beyond the 26 lessons. As a member, we regularly add new content, including CEU courses.
  3. The BCBA Toolbox doesn’t include Office Hours which you receive as a member.
  4. The Dojo includes daily email for inspiration, motivation and useful tips.
  5. The following courses are not currently part of the Dojo but may be added in the future: 
  • Time Management
  • Ethical Awareness and Decision-Making
  • Cultural Competency
  • Utilizing Behavioral Skills Training
  • Creating a Meaningful Supervision Experience
  • The courses not included in the membership are text-based courses that provide foundational information and provide recommendations for implementation for each of the topics.

How is the training different from a regular CEU course?

  • The training is focused on actionable steps so you can immediately put what you’re learning into practice.  This training puts the focus on DOING instead of just LEARNING. 

Will I get a certificate of completion?

  • Seven (7) of the lessons provide CEUs. Once you complete each of these lessons, including the quiz and survey, you will receive a certificate granting you the CEUs available for that lesson.

What if I’ve already taken one of the CEU courses? Can I still earn the CEUs?

  • This course contains 7 CEU courses that have been available for sale individually. If you have previously received CEUs for the course, you cannot submit the new certificates as additional CEUs. The course name on the certificates will be the same.

How many CEUs do I earn by completing the training?

  • You will earn up to 8 CEUs

How long do I have to complete the training?

  • Once you buy the course, you are free to complete it whenever you like. New lessons will be released every 2 weeks, but once released you will have access indefinitely.

A $610 value!