Workbook: ACHIEVE Parent Training (Paperback and PDF)


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Why Do I Need the Workbook?
This workbook is the companion to the complete curriculum: ACHIEVE Parent Training Curriculum: Effective ABA Training through Partnership. It is intended to be given to parents and caregivers so that they can complete their assignments and keep their responses with them as they progress through the training. Extra space is also included to take notes during meetings and collect ABC or SABC data.

This removes the excuses that they couldn’t find the paper you gave them or the notes they took during training. Space is provided in the workbook to collect data so you can review the data together during sessions. Greater organization leads to more accountability and greater success.

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This workbook doesn’t replace the curriculum. If you have not purchased the curriculum this workbook may not be for you.

About the ACHIEVE Parent Training Curriculum
As a BCBA, you already know the importance of parent training to the success of an ABA program and that it’s usually required by the insurance company. However, showing up to parent training isn’t enough to help your client succeed. Parents must engage in training and change their own behavior outside of sessions. The question is: how do you get parents to not only show up but to actually engage in parent training?

Based on research and 30+ years of experience working with families, I have finally discovered the answer to this question. This curriculum not only provides the information your families need during parent training, but it also gives you the tools you need to get them to engage in learning.

Included you will find 2 lessons specifically for you as the BCBA to help forge a collaborative partnership with your parents and caregivers, along with the 3 secrets I’ve discovered that will make parent training more successful than ever. The remaining 29 lessons are written for parents and caregivers in clear language they can understand.

Done for You
This proven curriculum will save you countless hours creating materials for your families. While each family and situation is unique, the ABA concepts parents need to understand are constant.

Each lesson contains goals, material covering the topic, an assignment and a quiz. The lessons are intended for you to review with families together. Assignments and quizzes can be copied, or you may purchase the companion workbook to save the hassle of making copies.

Why This Curriculum
You have many options to choose from when selecting a parent training curriculum. This curriculum was created to solve a specific problem: How can BCBAs get parents who are stressed and overwhelmed to engage in training? From this perspective, I take a unique approach to delivering the material families need to successfully use ABA at home.

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