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The field of ABA needs you and your ideas. The Balanced BCBA gives you everything you need to get started!

The Balanced BCBA is a collection of trainings and resources to guide BCBAs who want to earn more money, have more freedom and create a bigger impact.

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These trainings are designed to be taken sequentially, beginning with Your First Steps to Freedom. For participants who want to continue pursuing a successful side hustle or business, the remainder of our courses are available through The Balanced BCBA. This program is ONLY available if you’ve enrolled in Your First Steps to Freedom.

Through the program you will learn how to create a meaningful impact and connect with your ideal customers. Group coaching allows you to work directly with us without the expense of private consultation. And for a limited time we’re offering a Founding Member special!

Together we can achieve great things!

Your First Steps to Freedom: A journey for BCBAs

In Your First Steps to Freedom we take you through the process to successfully launch your first product or service. The course is only offered periodically and information about the next cohort will be emailed to our subscribers. This is intended to be a highly interactive course where you will actually launch your first offer by the end of the training.

Anytime = Never

To help keep you motivated, each cohort is only available for a short period of time. You’ll lose access to the content at the end of the cohort.

Here’s what people are saying about Your First Steps to Freedom!

I knew I wanted to help parents and others to overcome challenges they were facing, but I did not know where to begin. Enrolling in Master ABA has allowed me the opportunity to look at individuals who might need the service I had to offer, think through the process by telling my story and using the methods/suggestions provided through this academy to launch my product. I would recommend it to anyone struggling with providing quality service to individuals/families.
Sharon Steward

The content in this training was very helpful to think about how to expand my experience with diversifying my income through a business. It challenged me to think outside of the box and I will continue to use the information as I build my business.
Christi Wilson

This challenge was manageable to a BCBA working full- time. It made me think of what product I really want to sell and how I can go about it from a business launching perspective.

Sara Castellano

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Balanced BCBA Program Courses:

From Ideas to Impact: BCBA Framework Formulas

The second course in our Balanced BCBA series is From Ideas to Impact: BCBA Framework Formulas. This course takes what you learn in Your First Steps to Freedom and goes deeper on the subject of frameworks.

A framework is the difference between selling a product, and offering a solution to your customers’ problem. The internet is packed with people selling. Creating a framework helps you stand out and creates meaningful transformations for your customers.

The BCBA’s Guide to Creating Connections and Maximizing Impact

In our third course in the Balanced BCBA series, The BCBA’s Guide to Creating Connections and Maximizing Impact, you’ll learn how to find your ideal customer. Specifically this training focuses on choosing the best platform for your offer and engaging your audience.

Finding Your Purpose Using Ikigai and the ACT Matrix

As a BCBA, you have many ways you can use your skills, training and passions to create a career you truly love.

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