How to Create A Behavior Intervention Plan – A Complete Guide


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The Behavior Intervention Plan (BIP) is a critical tool for children who engage in challenging behavior. The BIP ensures that interventionists, teachers, parents and others involved in the care of the child are all on the same page when addressing challenging behavior. Often the success of the child depends heavily on the effectiveness of the BIP.

Writing an effective BIP takes practice. This guide takes you step-by-step through the process. None of us have the time we need to get good at writing these plans on our own. This guide provides practical tips and resources to help you become more efficient in your writing.


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This guide includes:

  • What You Need to Get Started-an overview of FBA procedures and advice for what you should know before you start writing
  • Parts to the BIP-Do you know all 9 parts you should have in your BIP?
  • Writing the BIP-strategies for structuring your BIP and becoming more efficient
  • Resources-links to 30+ (mostly free) resources

Who needs this guide:

While this guide is primarily intended for students in the field of Applied Behavior Analysis and newly certified BCBAs, anyone responsible for implementing a BIP written by someone else may find this information helpful. Parents whose children have a BIP or who engage in significant challenging behavior will benefit from knowing what should be in their child’s plan before they sign it.


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